3 Simple Steps To Relighting Your Furnace Pilot Light

Every household owner should be familiar with DIY hacks to fix household issues without technical assistance. The DIY hacks are helpful because they can temporarily fix the problem until the technician comes and inspects the system.

According to our furnace repair in Murrieta, it is uncommon for the furnace pilot light to be extinguished. We will discuss the problems that cause the furnace pilot light to turn off and the entire system shuts down.

How to Relight the Pilot Light in the Furnace System

There are three simple steps that will effectively ignite the pilot light again, and you can feel at ease in your residence:

Switch Off the System

It is essential to shut down all the power switches before beginning any work on the furnace system. Wait five minutes after turning off the furnace system to let the gas escape from the unit.

Find the Reset Button

Find the reset button while waiting for the gas to escape the system. It should be at the bottom of the unit, or you can read the instruction manual to find the reset button location.

Ignite the Flame With a Lighter

Take a lighter and turn the knob to the pilot light. Bring the lighter closer to the pilot opening and ignite the pilot light again. Once the pilot light is ignited, now press the reset button and wait for another five systems to give some time to the system to restore its functioning.

Now, you can switch on all the power circuits you switched off earlier and set the thermostat as per your settings.

Few Things to Keep in Mind While Relighting the Pilot Light

According to our heating installation in Murrieta, CA, here are some safety precautions that you should keep in mind while re-igniting the pilot light: 

  • Do not try to relight the extinguished pilot light when the power switch is on. 
  • At least wait for five minutes after switching off the system to let the gas disperse in the air. 
  • Use a lighter with a long barrel or a long matchstick to re-ignite the flame. 
  • Try to keep your hands as far from the fire as possible. 
  • Clean the area if you find the area surrounding the pilot light dirty. 

Reasons Why Your Furnace System Pilot Light Went Off Suddenly

According to the heating installation here are some reasons why your pilot light was malfunctioning: 

  • It is the thermostat that switches on the ignition process. If there is a faulty connection or malfunctioning thermostat, then the system will struggle to ignite the pilot light. 
  • Call the heating services, if there is any hole or gap in the gas line causing the gas leakage issue.  
  • Dirty furnace filters block the airflow passage and affect ignition, as air is essential for combustion. 
  • A flame sensor helps to turn off the gas burners automatically to avoid gas build-up in the furnace system. According to the furnace repair the gas burners will not work if the flame sensor malfunctions.   
  • Dusty and clogged gas burners can also be one of the reasons that block the pilot light. It blocks the way of oxygen to continue the combustion process. 

Contact Technician to Fix the Issue Efficiently!

It is essential to fix the pilot light issues because they will soon start affecting the other components working. Millar Heating & Air technicians will find an effective solution to fix the cause of the problem. Call (951) 679-1331, and our heating services in Murrieta, CA, will be at your residence’s doorstep at the earliest convenience.

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