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AC Repair in Menifee, CAThere’s never a convenient time for an AC breakdown, it leaves you suffering in the heat and stress over who to turn to for a solution. Get help from an experienced contractor when you need AC Repair in Murrieta, Menifee, Temecula, CA by calling Millar Heating & Air. We bring a solution-oriented approach right to your door with technicians who work hard to find the source of the problem and get your results that bring your AC back to life. Don’t just trust anyone when it comes to replacement work, we know how to work with any kind of air conditioner and have the tools and know-how it takes to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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When you notice a performance issue with your AC, whether it’s making an odd noise, constantly cycling on and off, or never cooling the house to the right temperature, it’s imperative you call us fast. Catching the problem early could mean the difference between changing out a small part of a large-scale repair, in the worst case, having to replace your air conditioner early. Get peace of mind and avoid costly expenses by getting help with repairs when the first signs start.

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Central forced air or ductless split air conditioners, any type, make, and model can be repaired by our licensed, bonded, and insured technicians. We know you have options when it comes to finding a repair service in Menifee, but not all contractors will give you the honest approach we value or the more than 47 years of combined experience we carry here at Millar Heating & Air. Our reviews show we get to your door fast when you need a repair and take care of you like one of the family.

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Millar Heating & Air treats you right by giving you the full picture when it comes to replacement work for your air conditioning equipment. While other contractors make a guess over the phone only to change pricing in the middle of the job, we offer a stress-free and upfront approach so you never have to deal with these kinds of unpleasant surprises. A certified technician arrives at your home quickly and gets to work finding the right equipment for you. Then, after going over recommendations and writing an estimate, we wait for your okay to perform the work that gets your family back to feeling comfortable. Whether your AC is broken or showing signs of an issue, call us at (951)-679-1331 for AC or Air Conditioning Repair in Murrieta, Menifee, Temecula, CA, and get it taken care of now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can an AC run continuously?

The air conditioner is used to maintain the room temperature the same all day long. Ac can run continuously for 24*7. If it’s working correctly, the size of the unit is correct for the room and the location outside. It can run for an entire week, but it should run for every 15-20 minutes in the correct room and climatic condition.

Is it okay for my air conditioner to run continuously?

It is okay if the air conditioner runs continuously in the summers. But usually, constant use of an air conditioner will reduce pressure in the evaporator; or cooling coil until it freezes over, according to the climate. Air conditioner repair in Murrieta, CA, costs around $270. The freezing of the cooling coil can damage the compressor of the unit. So, it can be dangerous to run air conditioners continuously.

How long should an air conditioner compressor run?

Preferably, a proper air conditioner compressor should run for 15-20 minutes. If the room temperature is higher than the temperature at the thermostat is set, the run time will increase. So, if the room temperature is high, it will increase the run time.

Why does my AC turn on every 5 minutes?

There are various reasons for an air conditioner to turn on every 5 minutes. The most common ones are because of the dirt in the compressor or some issues in the thermostat. One more reason is the short cycling (meaning Ac’s cooling cycle lays off rashly only to turn on again after a short time). Depending on the outdoor and indoor conditions, it switches itself for every 5 minutes.

How do you fix a short-cycle air conditioner?

There are five ways by which a short-cycle air conditioner can get fixed.

  • Check whether the air filter is clean or filled with dirt and debris
  • Check if the thermostat is located in the central space and not too close to the return air register
  • Check air conditioners refrigerant levels to track down any leaks
  • Check if the compressor is working properly
  • Change the low-pressure control switch

Why is my AC compressor stopping after a few minutes?

If the AC compressor stops after a few minutes means there is something wrong with the compressor. It can be overheating of the compressor, or it’s starting to fail.

How to know if the AC stabilizer is working?

Ac stabilizer causes problems when the wiring is bad. Determine whether the AC stabilizer is working or not by using a multimeter. Connect the input and output pin and check the voltage in the main socket. If it ranges between 180 to 240 volts, then it is normal.

Can the AC Stabilizer be repaired?

Yes, the AC stabilizer can be repaired. Don’t damage appliances by playing with the stabilizer. An AC stabilizer is intended to maintain a constant voltage level for the air conditioner to avoid power failures. To repair it, look for air conditioner repair in Murrieta, CA.

How to put freon in an air conditioner?

To add freon to an air conditioner, follow these steps

  • Connect the refrigerant’s gauge up to three-valve connections of AC.
  • Wait for 15 minutes and switch on the system.
  • Connect the refrigerant tank to the AC unit’s center connection.
  • Open the low-pressure valve on the left side.
  • Switch the valve off and twist the refrigerant container knob.

You can always choose to contact air conditioning services in Murrieta, CA, to do this at reasonable prices.

What maintenance is required for window AC units?

Regular air conditioner filter maintenance will help in preventing the problem of evaporator coils freezing. However, one should also physically inspect the coils now and then to check for dust build-up.

Condenser coils that are on the back should also be tended because there can be an accumulation of dirt. Opt for ac service in Murrieta, CA, to have them checked.

Why does my air conditioner turn on and off frequently?

If you find that the air conditioning system is turning on and off constantly, it means that the system is short cycling. This could be because of damaged parts, dirty coils, and even failing parts.

If this problem is not tended to immediately, it can cause severe damage to the air conditioner’s components.

Will the air conditioner spoil if not used for a long time?

There is a minute chance that an air conditioning unit could go bad if it is not used for a long period.

If there are regular checkups scheduled for the air conditioning unit, then there will be no problem as the technicians will predict the problem and treat them before they arise.

Is an air conditioner gas leak in a car be dangerous?

The coolant that leaks from an air conditioner will evaporate into a gas. Although this is not dangerous, it can cause a strong nauseous feeling. If you are comfortable with driving without AC, it is safe.

Can an AC unit lose Freon without having any leakages?

If the air conditioning unit is fully operational, then there will not be a freon leak in the system.

However, if the air conditioner requires any repair, then leaks may be present without any signs. Regular maintenance checkups will solve this problem easily.

Is it ok to turn on the AC when it has leaks?

Frozen evaporators and overflowing drip pans can cause water leaks in an air conditioner. If it is leaking water it’s safe to turn on the unit.

However, if the air conditioning unit is leaking refrigerant, immediately call for ac replacement in Murrieta, CA as the problem can cause severe damage to the unit.

What does a freon leak smell like?

The freon which is the refrigerant fluid flows through the closed copper coils in the air conditioner. However, these coils can crack and cause the coolant to leak.

You will be able to smell the freon leak as a scent of sweet and chloroform. Beware that freon leaks can be dangerous.

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