When winter arrives, you’ll want to make sure your heating system is up to the task regardless of where you reside. Furnaces are still the principal source of house heating. 

Most of us don’t turn on our furnaces until October, which means they’ve been turned off for over six months (assuming you live someplace mild). It’s critical to go over some essential furnace maintenance suggestions before the chilly air hits. These chores ensure that your furnace is operating correctly and that it is operating.

Four Main Components of HVAC:

1. Ensure That Your Ducts, Vents, and Filters Are Clean.

Proper ventilation is crucial when it comes to heat transmission. Cleaning your vents and changing your filters should be done at least twice a year, but it’s more important in the winter when your HVAC system is used more often.

Cleaning your ducts and vents is a time-consuming task. To remove the vents, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner and hose (preferably a shop-vac) and a brush, microfiber cloths, and a screwdriver.

To begin, cover your cash registers with paper towels or cleaning cloths. Dust blows out of your records, and if it doesn’t, it will wind up in your house. Then turn off the heat but not the electricity since you’ll be using the fan to blast the dust out of the furnace, vents, and supply register. You can also contact our heating services Murrieta CA.

2. Is It Just Me, or Is It Chilly Here?

Not all houses are made equal, and older ones may have several drafty spots. Look for drafty locations in your home and do your best to cover them up; it’s like tossing money in the garbage every time you let off a tiny bit of heat. If your windows or doors are broken, now is an excellent time to replace them with the experts from our furnace repair Murrieta.

3. Make Sure Your Heat Exchanger Is Clean.

Your furnace’s heat exchanger is an essential component since it warms the air that creates heat for your house.

It should also be cleaned at least once a year to eliminate dust and dirt and ensure good operation.

To clean your heat exchanger, switch off your system and, if applicable, turn off the gas as well. You can contact our heater repair Murrieta CA.

4. Make Sure Your Blower Motor And Fan Are Working Well.

The air is circulated through the vents by your blower motor, which may get clogged with dust. You should clean the heat exchanger and the blower motor simultaneously (while the system is completely off).

Remove the blower door to clean the blower. It’s also possible that the blower switch will need to be removed. Then, using a screwdriver, pry the fan from the cabinet, being careful not to damage your fingers or the wires. You don’t want to jeopardise the wiring on the cabinet’s edges.

Clean the cabinet using the vacuum hose, then clean the blower wheel and motor with a toothbrush or a paintbrush.

You may need to grease the blower motor after cleaning it. Check your owner’s handbook to discover whether this is a requirement for your furnace.

Then, before removing the bearings to grease them, clean the covers on the blower bearings. Search heater installation Murrieta CA, and call Millar Heating and Air Conditioning at (951)-679-1331 if you face any problems.