Autumn has arrived! The school year has begun, football season has begun, the leaves have begun to change color, and the temperatures have begun to drop. With everything else going on, the last thing on your mind is what would happen if your furnace broke down in the middle of the winter. We at Millar HVAC take care of that for you because we have to as a home warranty business! So if you need furnace repair Murrieta, give us a call.

It’s time to turn on the heat in your HVAC system. But is this the right time to check on it? Or is it too late? Maybe you think this is too early.¬†

Make sure your furnace is ready for the upcoming winter by checking the items on the list below.

Turn on the thermostat.

Change the setting from cooling to heating and raise a few degrees above the current room temperature. If the heat doesn’t come on after a minute, remove the cover and double-check the wiring connections (if you feel comfortable doing so). Make that the power source to the HVAC system is turned on if the connections are snug. If it’s still not working, you may check the furnace fan, blower, or heat pump, but it’s probably best to call in a pro.

Change the air filters.

You most likely have air filters hidden behind a wall or ceiling vent grill or a single filter in the HVAC system itself. Every few months, you should replace these filters. You can also wash and reuse a permanent electrostatic filter if you have one. Regularly cleaning or replacing your filters keeps pollutants out of your heater installation Murrieta CA, and can help it last longer. If your HVAC system contains a humidifier, change the humidifier filter and set the humidistat while you’re at it.

Clean the heat exchanger.

While the unit is turned off, a trained technician should brush and vacuum clean the heat exchanger once a year.

Lubricate and clean the blower motor.

To begin, check your owner’s manual to discover if your motor requires lubrication. If this happens, turn off the power, open the cover, and wipe the bearing caps. After that, take off the caps and grease the bearings.

Test the igniter switch.

You may need to relight the pilot on an older machine. Electronic ignitors are used in newer systems. Push the reset button if the ignitor isn’t working. Check your circuit breaker if that doesn’t work. Is your computer still not working? Engage the services of an expert. We also offer heating services Murrieta CA at an affordable prices.