Never say never

The kids and I had a long day. Soccer season meant match after match in the heat for them and lots of time in the sun for me. As a mom, it’s a shining moment to spend time in support of my kids and talk to other parents on the benches. But going home, we were all a little crabby and just wanted to relax. I blasted the AC in the car and had Gatorades in hand for the kiddos. I strapped my littlest one into her car seat and pledged to myself, I got this, we’re just going to get home and get out of the heat. It’s just a short drive until we can all relax, I thought.

I was seriously wrong. When we walked in through the hot garage, the house felt the same. Just as hot. I didn’t want to swear in front of them, but I thought to myself, what the bleep is going on?

If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know what level of frustration this mother of three was feeling. She did all the right things first. She checked the power and her fuse box. She pulled up a YouTube video on checking the air filter since her husband normally did the filter changes. But the excess warmth and lack of humming fan noise from the AC persisted. So she gave us a call.

About Our Local Business

Millar Heating & Air are a family-owned business that’s grown in Menifee starting in 1991. From the early days to now, we’ve been able to grow because of one major reason: customer satisfaction. We do the work correctly and are friendly and courteous to you and your home. Our customers stick with us and talk about us with their friends and family. Because of word of mouth, we’ve been able to help hundreds of families in the area with air conditioning installation in Menifee, CA and we’re happy to do it.

What Happens Next When Your AC Fails

This family had done everything on schedule in getting twice-yearly seasonal maintenance and changing filters on a schedule. No one was at fault for neglecting to care for their AC. But the AC was older and at eleven years, it had already performed longer than most. They could have gone for a repair but the AC was out of its warranty period. After telling us, “I never thought this would happen to me,” this mom quickly changed her tune to, “never say never”.

Never Say Never

Understandably, she and her family didn’t want to risk a breakdown again with this older AC. They opted for air conditioning installation in Menifee, CA, and got something more efficient than their older model. Now, not only did they have a working AC, but they had a new warranty agreement, and lower energy bills to look forward to in the future.

While you never want to experience an AC giving out on your family, it happens. If we can’t fix it for a reasonable price, we can still help you find the right new unit and install it. If you need an air conditioning installation in Menifee, CA, call Millar Heating & Air at (951) 679-1331 today.

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